Hi all.

I am not a professional blogger or reviewer.

My name is Shan and I am a bookworm. Yes, I admit it. Loud and proud bookworm.

This bookworm is here to share her love of reading with you in the form of reviews. I am going to be posting my opinion about whatever book(s) I happen to finish or attempt to finish reading on a weekly basis. Well sometimes more depending on the amount of time I have between work and the family.

I want this blog to be an open forum for everyone to post their opinions about the books I am reviewing. Some will be previously published, recently released, and some will be ARC’s(thanks to NetGalley and BTS emag).  If you agree or disagree with my opinions about any of the books that I review please feel free to leave a comment or use the contact form. All I ask is that you use tact and be nice when having opposing opinions with me or anyone else.

Now on a personal note: I am married, have been since June 8, 2001. My husband, Davy, is one of the best men I know. I was crushing on him since I was 14, told my friends when I was 17 that he would be my husband one day and we started dating when I was 19 going on 20, then got married a few months before my 22nd birthday. I have never regretted it, even though he drives me crazy sometimes. We have 3 children together and 1 from a previous relationship, so 4 in all. My handsome son DK, 17, beautiful daughters Day, 13, Shy, 11, and Lea, 7.

Besides that I work full time and sometimes more. Most of my time is spent either working or with my family, but the rest is spent catching up on favorite shows, listening to music, and reading.

I am really big on reading challenges, so I do quite a few of those; monthly, quaterly, and yearly.  I am totally addicted.

Anyway, please bear with me. I am open to suggestions about books, reviews, and this blog as a whole.


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