Review: The Dance

The Dance
The Dance by Alison G. Bailey
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A highly emotional second chance romance.
Bryson marries her high school sweetheart Will. She did everything that was expected of her by him and others and still it wasn’t enough.

She had a brief encounter with Hart when they were in high school. They shared a dance that was interrupted, but the had a connection. Sadly it was severed and neither made the effort to try to connect again after that night.

Now years later they once again reconnect. It happens in a time when Bryson’s life is in turmoil and she can use a friend and the attention. But there relationship is more than that. Hart soothes her in a way that no one else ever has.

From the very beginning you can see that Will was selfish and manipulative, but Bryson was in love and didn’t recognize that things between her and Will should not be that way. She always made excuses for his behavior until it came to a point when she realized things in their relationship was not what it seemed.

She starts trying to move on and then Will gets gravely ill and needs some support. Hart being the man that he is and finally getting the woman that he has always wanted is so amazing at this time. He is almost too good to be true.

There were a couple of things that made me give this less that 5 stars: all of the crying from Bryon and the fact that she hardly had a chance to see what type of woman she is without a man before she was thrust into another relation. I was hoping that she would be stronger after all the things that she was going through, but she was crying at every turn. Some of it was warranted, but some of it was annoying. Her going into another relationship so soon made me feel like she was the type of woman who couldn’t live without a man. I think we would have experience more growth with her character if she had had the chance to figure out who Bryson was without some outside factor being the catalyst to tear her down or build her up.

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