Review: Raid

Raid by Kristen Ashley
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Hanna has had a crush on Raiden since she was a kid. She admittedly states that her behavior, since they have been an adult and he has been back in town, has been stalkerish.

Then she sees something that makes her realize that he would never see her, so she moves on. Changes her hair, clothes, goes on vacation. Of course once the decision is made, and actions have taken place, he notices.

She of course is delighted, but then things happen to put doubt in her heart. Raiden, being the alpha that he is, doesn’t stop until he gets the results that he wants.

It was weird reading this, because it felt like Kristin Ashley was in my head. Something would happen and then I would be like, this doesn’t make sense or I would be rolling my eyes, but then Hanna would comment about the very thing that made me think that it doesn’t make sense/roll my eyes. (My statement may not make much sense either, but I hope you get the gist.)

Anyway, there was some ups and downs along this rollarcoaster ride, but Hanna stayed strong and true to Raiden when I would have wanted to give him a knee to the groin. He was definitely a jerk at times, but the feelings he had for her shown through all the jerkiness. Plus, he had issues that he was dealing with from his time in the military.

I love a sensible, yet strong heroine, and that is exactly what Hanna was. Raiden of course is everything that a man should be: protective, sexy, alpha the core, and great in bed.

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