Review: Rock Addiction

Rock Addiction
Rock Addiction by Nalini Singh
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I have been pondering what I wanted to say about this book since I finished it earlier today. I am still baffled, because it is Nalini Singh. This author became one of my favs with the Psy~Changeling series, and so when you have experienced that world you expect all things to be the same.

This book isn’t bad, but it’s not going to make my top 10 or 20. Molly is a librarian and she is at an event to meet her sister, who is School Boy Choir’s publicist, when Fox sets eyes on her. Fox, Zachary Fox that is, is the lead singer of School Boy Choir (rock ‘n’ roll band). Of course is uber hot and sexy and every woman wants him. Molly included.

He approaches her and bing, bang, boom they have a one night stand. He realizes right away that he wants more, so the one night stand turns into a one month stand. The sexy times between them were frequent and hot.

I have no problem when a man realizes right away that a woman is meant to be his in every since of the word, or vice versa, because I really believe that sometimes you can just know.

What kept me on the fence and still on the fence is that it took me most of the book to become invested in these characters. I wish I would have “known” Molly and Fox a tad better, maybe in a prologue, before they were in one another orbits. I also wish I didn’t have to “see” Molly realizing how strong she is over and over again. If she was strong, the author wouldn’t have had to mention over and over again. I do realize this is the beginning of a series, so sometimes things are not ideal, but I expect more from this author.

The good news is that the other characters did get a great intro, and I am already invested in them and ready to get to see how their relationships will play out. So, I will be continuing the rest of this series. Lets face it, this is Nalini Singh, so it can only get better.

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