Review: The Bold and the Dominant

The Bold and the Dominant
The Bold and the Dominant by Shayla Black
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I had quite a few things to say, but I lost all of my notes seeming as though I finished the book about a week ago now.

What I will say is that the book started out where the previous one ended. I was in the middle when it came to how wanted to rate this book. One the one hand I was glad to know that they made a few strides in their relationship(s). Liam/Raine/Macen, Liam/Macen, Macen/Raine, and Liam/Raine, but right after I was thinking this the guys go and renege on all of the trust that they had been trying to earn from Raine, by withholding information from her. Information that she needed to know, because being forewarned, is being forearmed. Instead she is lead into a situation as blind as a bat, and has to endure some scars that could have been avoided.

One of the things I was tired of the men saying constantly is that they are/were protecting Raine’s “tender” heart. They always talk about her strength, but the contradict themselves by basically saying that she is too delicate to deal with any obstacles. It leaves me wondering why they want her in the first place, since they seem to think she will have a breakdown over any bad situation.

All that crap about protecting her was just that, a load of crap. They were trying to protect themselves because they didn’t want Raine to find out about the lies that they had been telling or not telling (a lie by omission is still a lie).

Anyway, I know all of that sounds bad, but I eventually did see some growth with Raine. She was ahead, while the two men that she love was lagging behind.

The things that keeps me going is I want more Beck and Seth. I think that when these two finally get their woman, and I have no doubt that they will be sharing, it will be off the charts. Also, these ladies know how to write wonderfully erotic scenes with or without the BDSM included.

I want to end by saying that regardless of the things I said above the book overall was pretty good and definitely worth the read if you are already reading this series. It book ends in a cliffhanger, just like the ones that proceeded it. I will say that I was a bit surprised by that particular ending and am curious enough to want to know how they will handle the situation.

Also, please hurry and give us more Beck and Seth…

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