Review: Storm’s Heart

Storm's Heart
Storm’s Heart by Thea Harrison
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Loved Tiago, had a love/dislike relationship with Tricks/Niniane.

Tiago is alpha to the core with his badass, don’t give a care about nothing attitude. Well, until you bring in a woman is the total opposite of his “type”, and now he is an alpha badass, who has a don’t give a care attitude about everything unless it has to do her(well, and his friends).

Tricks, has been having a hard time trying to stay alive ever since she let the world know her true identity. She needs Tiago’s help, but is reluctant to accept it, but when she does she realizes that she needs him in other ways also.

The two had some amazing chemistry. My problem with the story or rather Tricks/Niniane is that I kept thinking that she was not realistic as a soon to be queen. Yes, she can hold her own when it come to a fight, but she seemed to be easily persuaded by people she just met, instead of trusting the ones who have stood by her and come to love her as one of their own.

I felt a bit better about it towards the end, but I wanted her to seem less like a flake and more like a woman who knew her own mind and not be easily led, when she is supposed to be the leader.

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