Review: The House

The House
The House by Cassie Alexander
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Find your own adventure for adults.

I love this because you own what happens to the heroine, which happens to be you, the reader. There were so many possibilities, that I kept going back through it over and over to see the different possible outcomes and I am still unsure rather I finished them all.

The entire thing was very well done, I just have a hard time getting as involved with the scenes. I guess I am more of a voyeur and the sex scenes to have more of an impact when it seems as though I am on the outside looking in, instead of me putting myself in the exact same scenario. Not to say that the scenes, any of them, were not well done, because they were.

Some of the endings were better than other, and I liked the ones that made me feel like there was a possibility for more with the heroine. I felt a little bad when the first ending I got didn’t yield any answers to why, she was picked and could she have some kind of role with the master of the house.
I was that a couple of my other endings, kinda of sorta remedied that.

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