What Happens in London(Bevelstoke #2) by Julia Quinn

What Happens in London (Bevelstoke #2)What Happens in London by Julia Quinn
My rating: 4 of 5 stars


Olivia is told by her gossiping friends that Harry, her new neighbor, may have killed his fiancee and from that moment on her curiosity is peaked.

She starts spying on him, and since she isn’t that good at it, he notices and from then on he is intrigued.

The both decide that they don’t like each other as soon as they officially meet, and both decide to ignore or avoid the other. That doesn’t pane out, because his job requires him to be around her anyway.

This is one of my favorite themes in romance. Two people who are passionate in their dislike for one another or just as passionate when the finally come together. Not to mention it had me smiling like a loon or laughing out loud quite often.

These two finally getting to know and fall in love with one another was a beautiful thing. Throw in another suitor(a Russian Prince) and a little intrigue and danger(just a little),the discussion and theatrics about Miss Butterworth and the Mad Baron, plus the wonderful Sebastian, and you have yourself a very wonderfully written romance.

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