The Highlander’s Touch (Highlanders #3) by Karen Marie Moning

Image   Reread

OMG!! Why did I not remember how amazing this story is. I usually read/listen to it every year to refresh myself on the series as a whole, but every single time is like the first time.

It doesn’t matter that I know the outcome, it always hits me with the same force. Circenn and Lisa story is one of my favorites, because you get the amazing romance between the two, but also it is one of the most hilarious in the series.

It is especially funny when I listen it to the audiobook because Phil Gigante is so good at what he does, he brings a life to the story that I just don’t get when I read it myself.

I am always gushing about Karen Marie Moning work and that is because I have never been disappointed with anything she has put to page and it keeps getting better and better and drawing me in deeper.

What I wish I could get, and if I have missed this over the years(which I may have) is a story or something to follow up with what happen to Duncan and Galen.

It may be somewhere in the series that I wasn’t paying too much attention too. Such as the fact that I didn’t think the fact to that Circenn had the fae hallows or the hallows themselves were going to be all that important, but as we know they are very important indeed.

I hadn’t ever paid much attention to the beserkers mentioned in this story after all the times of reading the series, but glad I did this time because it lended it a connection to the previous book in the series To Tame a Highland Warrior. I believe the berserkes were Grimm and Jillian’s sons.

Of course the connection with the first book, Beyond the Highland Mist, is Adam Black.

This is the book where I knew that our wonderful Adam was going to forever have a place in my heart.

Anyway, I am on to the next, Kiss of the Highlander. I believe we finally get to those very lovely MacKelter’s

Rated: 5/5


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