All Out of Love(Cupid, Tx #2) by Lori Wilde

Image  I received a copy of this book for free from the author in exchange for an honest review.

How many of us would love to have our high school crush finally see as a someone that they are interested in being with? Or our older siblings best friend finally see us something more than the pesky, nerdy, or annoying younger sibling? Or how about just see as more than just a young girl/boy and see us a a woman/man?

How would you react?

Well in this wonderful tale Lace Bettingfield gets exactly that. Lace had on crush on high school quarterback and her brothers best friend Pierce Hollister when she was a freshman in high school and he a senior.

The book opens with a letter to cupid from a young lady about a crush she has. In this case the said young lady is Lace.

When she writes the letter she doesn’t expect it to be read by anyone. It was her way of getting it all out without sharing it with anyone else. Well, you know how it is in high school. The kids can be very mean. Which Lace soon realizes when her letter ends up published in a newsletter. She is so humiliated by the turn of events and to make matters worse not everybody, including her crush knows she is the one who wrote the letter.

Twelve years pass and Lace has become a secure and confident woman and you know who comes back to town and turns her world upside down.

I fell in love with this book from the moment I read Lace’s letter. I felt her surprise and humiliation when she realized that everyone had read the letter and knew she was the author. The description was so well written that I felt like I was in the moment with my heart beating fast and the bottom dropping out of my stomach.

It is one of those things that a lot of girls/guys went through at that age, and Lori made it feel real and everything was true to form.

I loved the fact that everyone important to her rallied around her in their own special way to try and make her feel better.

Pierce’s coming back to town made Lace have to actually deal with everything. It had been easy for her to get over him and move on since she didn’t have to see him again after that. Out of sight, out of mind and all that. With him being back in her presence it made her have to really come to terms with what she felt for him if anything.

On Pierce’s side of things, he sees this beautiful woman and is instantly attracted. He realizes that it’s Lace, his best friend’s younger sister all grown up and he tries to talk to her.

After that he realizes that he has his work cut out for him.

You will have to read the book to see the challenges these to face in there journey to one another.

It will definitely take you back to the days of doodling your crush name on your notebook, playing love games like MASH to see if you would end up with him, how many kids, you would have and what kind of house you would live in. Most of all it will make you smile and fall in love with romance all over again.

I do have to say there is a couple of spots where the words his and her were mixed up, but it will in no way take anything away from the story.

Rating: 5/5


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