Just one Kiss (Fool’s Gold #10) by Susan Mallery

Image   I have been thinking on what I wanted to say since I finished this book earlier. Rarely do I have to take the time to think on what I want to say. I am usually writing down notes on scraps of paper (no organization here, lol) as I read.

I have mixed emotions about what I read. I am a fan of Susan Mallery, but believe it or not this is my 1st Fool’s Gold book.

I think that if I had read the series from the beginning (which I usually do) I would have enjoyed this story a lot more. I am going to rectify that as soon as finish the next to books.

You see, I got the impression from the title that it was the first of a trilogy instead of books that continue in a series.

The good:
* It was a very charming romance
* I liked the Heroine and Hero
* Loved the story of how there relationship started
* Love 2nd chance romance
* Nice intro to future characters, so we know more escapades are coming in Fool’s Gold
* Love the little aspect of danger
* Strong women

The bad:
Well, on this score the only thing I felt was bad was partly my fault for not doing my research and knowing this is part of a series. This book could almost be a standalone, but there are so many people present that you know there has to be a story somewhere for all of these characters mentioned.
You can also tell there must be something about this town, that isn’t explained in this book, that has so many women in a position of power in the town. The women being in the forefront of male dominated jobs is one of my favorite parts, I just felt like somewhere along the way there must be a why.

All that being said I enjoyed reading the journey that Justice and Patience had to take to get to their HEA.

Rating: 4/5


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