Strong Enough to Love by Victoria Dahl

Image   First of all I didn’t know that this was a part of a series. I usually check to make sure before I start reading, but this time I jumped in and checked later. I was glad that this novella didn’t give anything away as related to other stories. Now I can go back to the beginning, guilt free.

Anyway, I loved this story. Eve and Brian’s chemistry was palpable. While I was reading I felt as though I could feel every emotion that they were experiencing, especially Eve. I could understand how she could be having these feelings and still want to make the decision she was making.

I love when I read something and the characters feel real to me. Its like I am being a voyeur in someone’s life, and I am getting a reprieve from my own.

Oh yeah, and the sex scene’s were amazing and I actually felt a little twinge.

The story was short and sweet, and for a novella it pack a big punch.

Rating: 5/5


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