The White Swan Affair

The White Swan AffairThe White Swan Affair by Elyse Mady
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I really wanted to love this story. I tried very hard. It had the perfect plot and it dealt with an issue(sodomy) that I have never seen another book quite this way. The way everyone treated Hester after Robert’s arrest seemed true to form for that period of time. I loved Thomas and how he stuck by her through it all. The thing that kept me from loving it was Robert. He was a judgemental jerk of the first water. Whenever there was a scene in the book with him in it, especially while dealing with Hester, I wanted to skip ahead. I hated the way he treated her and talked down to her. She would never have been in the situation she was in if it wasn’t for him.

Anyway, all that being said I didn’t love it, but overall I thought it was very well written and maybe the way I felt about Robert at times is the way the author intended readers to fill. All I can say is you will have to read it for your self and see how it make you feel. The fact that I feel so strongly about his behavior in anyway lets me know that I will be reading future works by this author.

I know that my statements seem to contradict one another,but I enjoy reading books that make me feel passionately about something rather in a good way or bad. It means the writer is doing their job.

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