Must See Movie

Ok, I know it has been a while since I have posted anything, but I was sitting here watching a movie on STARZ and thought that I should let you guys know about it.

The House Bunny

Starring Anna Faris and Colin Hanks

The movie starts with Shelley(A.Faris) getting ready to turn 27. Her wish is to become Ms. November, but the morning after her B’day party she gets a letter telling her she is evicted from the P’boy Mansion.

Well from there it is nothing but laughs. This is my favorite movie so far with A.Farris in it. I loved everything about the film. The fact that her main reason living and loving it at the P’boy Mansion is because of the bond she shares with the other bunnies. When that is taken away she doesn’t know what to do at first, but she overcomes the obstacles in her way, by becoming a House Mother to a sorority that greatly needed her help just as much as she eventually needed them.

Anyway, I tend to babble, but all of that being said check this movie out when ever you are looking for a laugh and to see true sisterhood at work.

In my book this movie deserves an A because it has everything a good comedy should with a little bit of romance thrown in(that’s where Colin Hanks comes in at) mix.


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