Favorite Show Cancellations

Well, I am truly pissed. The CW has managed to not only manage to cancel one, but two of my favorite shows. First, The Game. I don’t know about you but I was disappointed about this, but I would have still watched the network because of the other shows that I like on there. Second and last, Privileged. They did not even give this show a fair chance. I loved that show. I don’t understand why good shows get the shake. The also cancelled a couple of others, but I don’t watch those but for those of you that do here they go. The Reaper and Everybody Hates Chris. It’s really sad, so even though there are two other shows that I watch on that network I will not be watching them again. Sad, but true.

I will post again to list the cancellation of other favs and not to favs.

To be continued…..


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