I haven’t seen any new movies yet, but I would like to recommend an oldie, but goodie. Fiddler on the Roof is a wonderful movie and the music is fantastic. I watched it today for the first time ever and I am now wondering what took me so long. If you haven’t seen it yet, you must. It is a must see.

On the book front I just finished reading, Just Desserts by Barbara Bretton. Guys I am telling you this woman is amazing. Before I read this, I read Casting Spells, which was also good, and I must say that she keeps getting better. (Casting Spells came after Just Desserts). Now I am making it my mission to read every book that she has written to date. I hope they are all as good as the two I have already read. If you have ever read anything by this author let me know what you thought, if not start with one of the two I mentioned above.

Has anyone been watching American Idol? Well, you should. That show gets better every season. I am glad that they added a judge, but all I really need is Simon. He says almost exactly what I am thinking while I watch. Plus the way he says it is more entertaining than anything I would have actually come up with on my own. Gotta love Simon. The best judge ever.

Anyway, guys I am currently reading Romantic Times BookReviews Magazine. When I am done I will make a list of books that I thought sounded interesting and that I am planning on reading. I have a list that dates back to Feb. or Mar. 2008 of books that I want to read. I am going to share that list with you a little at a time and by genres.

See ya next time.


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